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The Social Network Review

My brother and I decided we wanted to see “The Social Network” by David Fincher. I was worried the content of the movie would be too raunchy for a 14 year old, but I always try to be the “cool” sister. To my surprise, with the exception of one or two somewhat inappropriate parts, and … Continue reading

New… new media

Okay, my idea for a new “new media” is one for our household appliances. A computer will be hooked up to each appliance. The microwave, the fridge, the oven, the washing machine, will all have small computers with a service you pay monthly to obtain every day information. On call will be personal wellness trainers, … Continue reading

Our Class Wiki – So Far

Though I haven’t started my wiki page, I’ve done research on my topic “New Media and Journalistic Reporting.” I’ve decided to make a page dedicated to graphs and quotes about new media and how it’s effecting journalistic reporting. How it’s enhancing reporting, and also in many ways, saving printed press. As we all know, newspapers … Continue reading

Term Paper

My term paper for CIS is about social networking, and how it’s become better than real life in many respects. I started my research online, of course, through Google. I first searched the blogs from people without a specific title, simply stating opinion. I wanted to get a general consensus from “we the people” on … Continue reading

Privacy Issues in New Media

As technology advances, we face many serious issues with the new media. This includes, but is not limited to the invasion of privacy. At one point, it was only celebrities, and persons in the public eye, that had to worry about people poking into their lives. Today, this could be happening to any one of … Continue reading

Advice to Baruch College

If I was hired by Baruch to use new media to improve the College, I would first come up with a petition of at least 3/4 of the students directly to the President of Baruch to fix the elevators and escalators. I would then offer advice to raise money to do so, as well as … Continue reading

Twitter Discussion

Although twitter is an innovative quick way to having a discussion (if you want to call it that) with your peers, it’s just not the same as an active classroom conversation. Though I feel it fails in comparison to a face to face conversation, I believe it’s better than a BB discussion and I’ll tell … Continue reading

Modeling Reality with Virtual Worlds

According to the Washington Post, the company Lincoln Labs created a combined conference of the reality and virtual worlds (theirs specifically called Second Life). Many gathered in a large meeting room, where a large screen television connected the two worlds.  “A virtual depiction of the Rayburn House Office Building meeting room was projected on television … Continue reading

Social Networking

In the corporate world, connections lead to life long careers. At one point, making connections actually meant one had to go to job sites, or have a friend do you a favor by talking to their boss, maybe even someone in your family setting up interviews. All of it was face to face. Today, due … Continue reading

Check Out Social Networking Sites

Since I was fourteen years old, I’ve been on social networking sites. Myspace, what I believed was the first BIG social network, boomed around 2004. Friendster (a SN site I’ve never heard of until recently) was apparently the first social network, starting in 2002. Myspace, Facebook, and Friendster are very similar. They are used to … Continue reading